“I have always believed that the way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers, and that people flourish when they are praised.” – Sir Richard Branson

It just gets done.

Because when your business has all the best people – you have the best business!

Excellent systems and procedures are imperative to run a successful property management department and we are all about that!  However, without the right people driving the processes it will eventually fail.

We create an environment where the property managers flourish with the support and guidance of the whole Property Exchange team.  We encourage work life balance and this is achieved by

Manageable sized portfolios

Quality properties

Great tenant selection

End to end property management

Fun team building activities


Detailed understanding of your investment

Work life balance is an essential ingredient in creating excellent longevity and staff retention, where with time your property manager will develop a detailed understanding of your investment.

We also select highly skilled property managers to work for us! We provide a culture where we “work hard and play hard” and our motto is “happy team – happy clients!”.

The Property Exchange has a clear criteria when it comes to selecting property managers to join our team and as a minimum standard we look for:


Passion for the industry and see property management as a career, not just a “job”


They understand building relationships and constant communication is the key to succesful investment management


They are willing to go over and above, dig in and be a true team player


Have strong negotiation skills with the right balance of empathy to all parties


Achieving the Non-Negotiables

 We, of course have our non-negotiables that our team is required to meet in areas of arrears, lease renewals, marketing of properties, ingoing condition reports, routine inspections, final bond inspection etc etc – but every real estate agency says they do this.  What sets us apart, are our people and the environment we create so these non-negotiables are truly achieved. Here at The Property Exchange we have property managers that care for your property like it is their own and actually enjoy what they do!

To sum up you could not be in better hands than with this very passionate, dedicated and loyal team of professionals to take care of your most valuable investment.

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