What To Do Before Selling My House In Leederville – Evan’s Story

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“First heard about The Property Exchange about ten years ago when buying my first house. I just saw their for sale sign, popped in, met Ingrid and was really taken with how professional she was, how friendly she was, how engaged she was in the process. I started asking around and it seems that everybody who has bought a house in this area had bought it through Ingrid.

When it came time to sell our house, we went with the The Property Exchange because of their professionalism. Ingrid and Jade sat down with us, talked us through the marketing strategy, showed us how the plan would work, and when we were working with them to put together this plan we’d seen them in action selling houses, we knew how they dealt with clients, we knew how they were people focused we knew that they went beyond and above to make sure client is happy and that the people who are buying the house will feel the connection in your house and want to buy it.

Ingrid and Jade’s first instruction was declutter. After ten years you build up an awful lot of extraneous bits and pieces that to you is precious, but to someone walking to your home it was just junk. So, decluttering was the first thing, making space for the new owner to imagine themselves in your house was a really important thing that Jade and Ingrid really impressed upon us. So, cleaning everything out, making space but still keeping enough of the things that were quirky and personal so that someone could fall in in love with your property.

What to do before selling house

In the end, we sold the house for substantially above the marketing price and we sold it in three days. So the end result was a really quick sale, a great price and some really happy clients who would recommend them to everyone.

When it’s time to sell your home you probably talk to lots of real estate agents and some of them will conform to the stereotype of the slightly shonky or after the fast buck real estate agent. Ingrid and Jade are just not that, they are really fantastic, they talk you through the whole process. If you’re selling a house in the area that they look after there’s no one else.”

Evan Kennea, Seller, Franklin Street, Leederville // Dec 2014

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