Tips On Presenting Your House For Sale

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More Top Tips On Presenting Your House For Sale To Make a ‘Good First Impression’

Tips On Presenting Your House For SaleImage by The Property Exchange

Presentation. That’s the keyword to keep in mind while selling your house. ‘First impression forms the last impression’ is a proverb that continues to hold true with real estate. In the case of all homes, especially an old home that you are showcasing to others, this is vital.

To ensure that you make a good impression on the prospective buyers, you need to fix all those things in your house that have fallen into disrepair or the ‘some day in the future’ or just plain ‘too hard basket’. As someone living in the house, many dysfunctional things might seem normal to you simply because you have got used to them.

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The trick is to see those things as an outsider might. Broken, damaged, and dirty ARE NOT NORMAL to many potential buyers. On the contrary, because those things are an anomaly they will be immediately noticed.

Any crack in the ceiling, or an obviously broken piece of furniture must be fixed before you start showing your house to outsiders. If you’re completely serious about selling your home quickly for top dollar – the surefire way to find out where anomalies might lie in your property is to ask your Agent.

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