Selling Your House Over Christmas

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So many people have been preparing to sell and have suddenly realized that December is almost upon us. They are now panicking that they have left it too late and are selling your house over Christmas but don’t want to wait another 2 months to go to market.

Okay…take a deep breath and stop worrying. Whilst you would not want to come out and announce your home as being “First Time Offered” just a week before Christmas….you still have two weeks to get your home on the market.

Now, once it is on the market its fine to be selling over the Christmas period as this can be a busy period due to people slowing down on their work programme and having the time to look at property. Many want to locate early in the year for schooling purposes or for new job opportunities.

Even though many people go out of town over Christmas, many country people come into town looking for property for children attending universities or for other reasons. So, the bottom line is the importance of the timing of selling your property is far less important than getting pricing and presentation right! And there are a few small benefits to selling your house over Christmas.

So here I go again, urging you to get the right advice when it comes to pricing and presenting your property as you can lose tens of thousands of dollars by getting either of these things wrong when you first hit the market. Buyers can be very unforgiving and if you don’t get it right at the very start you will hardly ever get them to come back for a second look. Be warned!

Now Have A Very Merry Christmas And A Prosperous New Year!

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Source: Western Suburbs Weekly, 10th December 2014
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