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Ok, so the world is a bit different to what it was a few weeks ago… so how does this affect Real Estate?

Well clearly it has been affected, as has everything, but just to what degree is entirely up to us. If one takes the attitude of complete solitude, and no action whatsoever, you may miss opportunities that would not otherwise be available, but if we open our minds, stick to the rules and make good use of our spare time, we could achieve great things in our otherwise isolated existence.

As Real Estate Agents, we are adapting to the change, we are creating more detailed “online” inspections as there are no more Home Opens. These are to help you gauge your level of interest before registering for a private inspection. This is now online and you will need to answer a set of questions to make sure you are eligible eq. have you recently returned from overseas? Safety to our staff and clients is of the utmost importance, so all distancing, and socialising rules will apply. Private inspections will just be that – just one entry through the property at a time, no contact, and of course plenty of sanitisers on hand and lets face it..what better time to buy a house than when you’re not at work? If the online method doesn’t suit you, then you can just call your agent and organise a private viewing that way.

We are now getting calls from investors that we have not had in the market place for over a year now. Investors appear to have decided that they don’t want their money in the bank (understandably), they don’t want their money in shares (too volatile) so are looking at good old bricks and mortar where it is solid, dependable and will offer the best return, not to mention capital growth in future. With interest rates so low, there’s never been a better time to get your tenant to pay off your property.

So, sellers, don’t throw in the towel, people still want to buy property, we just need to do it differently, and you don’t have a lot of competition right now so your timing could be perfect. Yes, there will be a smaller market place with people being uncertain as to their future, but I think we all know that when we have beaten this beastly little bug, that life will return to normal pretty quickly and then you may have to join a race back into property that you might well have avoided.

So remember that the way to get ahead has always been to “ZAG” when everyone else is “ZIGGING”. You can choose to just follow the herd and always be behind the 8 ball, or you can branch out and snap up opportunities that are definitely presenting themselves now, that will no longer be available when everything returns to normal.

This is your big chance to be that Purple Cow – don’t miss it!

Keep apart and stay safe.

Source: “Selling Homes Covidentially”, The Post – 11 April 2020.

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