Real Estate Myths : A Guide To Selling Your Home By Andrew Winter

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Andrew Winter is the host of Selling Houses Australia, and as much as we love watching home transformations under a strict budget, Andrew gives great advice about selling real estate. In most cases, home sellers had an unrealistic expectation of what their homes were worth, and to add to that the state of disrepair or clutter the house is in. Andrew and his team swoops in and turn the house into a beautiful home, Andrew educates the sellers on the value of their homes and what the market is like, and the house gets SOLD!

Andrew Winter Bust Real Estate Myths

Here you can download Andrew Winter’s take on the myths about real estate.

He covers 14 common misconceptions about real estate, including:

1. I don’t need a real estate agent
2. The best way to choose an agent is to go for the cheapest commission
3. I only need to advertise online
4. If we renovate before we sell, we will get more money
5. Buyers will see – and pay for – the potential of my home
6. We should just put it on the market and see how we go
7. Properties that go to auction always sell above reserve
8. Auctions are an expensive way to sell
9. My home will sell really quickly
10. The best time to sell is spring!
11. I should list my home at a price higher than what I need so I can negotiate down
12. You don’t need to quote a price guide
13. I won’t sell unless I get exactly the price I want.
14. Property doubles in value every ten years, so my house is worth xxx

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