Floreat and Mount Claremont: Property Duo With Stylish Approach

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Home renovation and property TV shows have placed design firmly on the agenda in Australia. And in the Instagram era, where beautiful design images abound, there has never been more focus on style.

When it comes to selling a home, not only is a stylish presentation more attractive to potential buyers, it allows them to really imagine themselves living in the property, and this can translate to a speedier sale and a better return for the vendor.

Interior designer Annie McCarthy has just returned to the Property Exchange, teaming up with established agent Jillian Jeffery. She brings not only real estate expertise but a wealth of knowledge from 21 years in the world of interior design and styling on the east and west coast of Australia.

Annie’s interest in real estate was sparked several years ago when living in Sydney, working closely with prestigious real estate companies in the eastern suburbs and the Lower North Shore, styling properties for sale.

“I worked for many years for Clarendon Property Group, the major commercial builder in NSW. After that I started my own interiors business as well as importing French wines into Australia with my partner. We didn’t make any money but we drank some great wine!”

Annie joined the real estate industry in 2013.

“I had worked previously at Property Exchange for several years and Jill and I had always spoken about teaming up,” Annie said. “When that opportunity arose, I returned – I do love it, it’s a really great place to work.”

Jillian Jeffery has been a key sales consultant at The Property Exchange since 2003. A combination of hard work, enthusiasm, dedication and tenacity has seen her succeed in a highly competitive market. She specializes in Floreat and Mt Claremont – where she has lived and built a number of homes since 1992. She is well known in the community and is extremely knowledgeable of all its services, amenities and the many attractions of living there and in the western suburbs.

Illustrating the value the team can bring to a property’s presentation, Annie explained her recent involvement preparing a deceased estate for sale. “Working with the family, we used a combination of existing furniture and my personal styling aids – cushions, objects etc – to style the home to give it a more modern appearance and give purpose to each room.

Styling is a great vendor tool to really enhance a home’s selling power, without spending a lot. Of course, it has to be done with great sensitivity,” she said.

“It is true that the many renovation and real estate TV shows have really raised the bar of expectation in the market … generating excitement in a property means you get the kind of competition that translates into a quick sale, often on the first day.”

Using the team approach, and with 18 years real estate between them, Jill and Annie are able to cover one another at all times to ensure someone is always on hand, with no hiccups for the vendor or buyer in the process due to holidays or illness.

A stylish solution, you might say.

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