Positioning: The Key to A High Sale Price

 In Selling

From the moment I walk into your property appraisal my mind is ticking. First thing I’m doing is observing all my first impressions as my first impressions will be the same as the buyers. I’m looking for objections, reasons that the buyer uses to not pay the asking price or above. Objections are negative. They are to be removed as far as practicable before the property comes to market.

When it comes to pricing, trust my market knowledge and guidance. My pricing strategy is tailored to generate maximum interest to attain the highest price in the quickest time. Remember, the longer a property is on the market the less you’ll get as buyers will leverage off this fact.

Sales is all about psychology and getting into the mind of the buyer. Recognising their objections and eliminating them before they arrive is paramount. Knowing their tactics allows me to have countermeasures in place. Everything I do is aimed at building the strongest negotiating platform possible. He who holds the high ground has the advantage. In short, I call it Positioning.

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