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As Real Estate Agents, our top trainers are constantly telling us to ban excuses for not doing well and take a good long look in the mirror where you will plainly see the reason for your apparent failures. They take no prisoners when they clearly tell you that it’s not the market’s fault, it’s not your area’s fault, it’s not your Agency’s fault .… if you are not a success – it’s your fault. End of story. You are either not working hard enough, not working smart enough or not doing the right things, if you are not being successful.

So…. as sad as it is to hear that shops are closing down, restaurants are shutting their doors – I put it to you, that is your fault. I’m really tired hearing how “retail is suffering” or “people don’t eat out anymore” or the “roadworks really killed us” because you know what? You killed yourself. You are not producing what people want and you’re trying to blame everyone but yourself for it. I read in the paper last week that 2 or 3 restaurants around Nedlands has closed their doors and that the owners had been working for nothing for years. Well silly them. Then I look at, for example, Chez Pierre’s on Stirling Highway and its bursting at the seams every night of the week. Why is that? I’m thinking its because they serve beautiful food at reasonable prices, the atmosphere is terrific, the lighting is really well planned, the service is beyond superb, they offer BYO from to Thursday, offer little treats through the evening and even have valet parking. Now that’s what I call an “experience” most restaurants I go to are extremely unmemorable so you make one visit to “check it out” and then never go back there, but Chez Pierre’s I go back again and again and again. So, if you’re not outstanding in this competitive world, you will have to close your doors.

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Then there’s retail. Same story. If you know that people can buy what you’re offering online at half the price, what do you think they’re going to do? So adapt! Produce something they can’t get online – or expand to include online shopping for your products, or create an “interesting” shop by sharing it with others and making it more diverse, or play unusual music and offer all your customers a macaroon, or free colour consultation or anything to make you stand out!

Failure to succeed in business is nearly always a result of apathy, lack of creativity, fail to research, and just sheer laziness. You choose.

So…. if your business looks like it’s going down the gurgler , don’t just sit back until it does, snap to attention and find out why people aren’t coming. Make it a project – change things, do something different, outstanding, attractive and dare to be different. There’s a whole lot of “sameness” out there and I constantly watch new places opens, that offer nothing unique, and then watch them close again until the next person comes along and does the same.

So if you want to succeed in life – ban blame, ban excuses, look in that mirror and ask yourself honestly…. “Could I be doing this better?”

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Source: Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Western Suburbs Weekly, Residential – 11 April 2017. 

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