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So you’ve heard me a hundred times carrying on about how important presentation is in your home – but this week, I will give you some solid special do’s and dont’s when preparing your home for sale.

The easiest and best way is to move out, paint everything white and bring in “stylists” who will furnish it from top to bottom and make it look amazing. However, this is not always possible, so let’s take a look at what you want your buyer to see, and what you don’t want them to see, because this is what they will be judging your home on.

Let’s take a quick look at the demographic in our blessed Western Suburbs – 80% of us reached year 12, half of us are married and half of us are single, we all earn a good income (nearly double the state’s median), 60% of us are apparently good Christians and 60-70% of us were born in Australia. Overall, the stats show that people living in the Western Suburbs are generally pretty well off, well educated, quite sophisticated, stylish, choosy, refined and take pride in themselves and their homes. Now, stay with me through this sweeping generalisation and I’ll tell you what to keep and what to get rid of if you want to make your home look great on Home Open Day.

For starters, don’t have the old Torana sitting in pieces on the driveway with the radio blaring and the Winnie Blues on the garden bench. Take away the plastic inflatable swimming pool and put it in the back to the ute, then take the ute away. Remove your mum’s crochet throw that she gave you and the lace doilies on the arm rests in the lounge.

Are you getting the idea? Great, so a few more things to hide are… colourful rugs from Rugs a Million, lazy boy recliners, oral prints, family photographs, draped pelmets, highly patterned sofas, Balinese coffee tables, ornate chintzy furniture, toys, tartan carpets, gilt framed art, Persian rugs (Aztec ones are fine. Sometimes), and bed linen from Spotlight. All these things may come back into fashion but right now they are out!

See more of 31C Britannia Road, Leederville

Now for the Good Stuff!! Keep it natural and neutral with a dash of excitement. Coya matted rugs, retro poster prints, industrial furniture, rustic picture frames, faux fur cushions, big knitted throws, Mexican crockery, Danish style coffee tables, pale grey or white bed linen, Aztec print cushions, Ethnic ottomans, indoor plants, cowskin rugs, anything retro. The emphasis is on neutral, natural, texture, earthy, modern, and the slightly bazaar. Just google “stylish homewares images” and you will get a plethora of fantastic stylish modern ideas. Remember it’s the things IN your home that SELLS your home! And don’t think you have to spend a fortune, many of these good looking items can be found in Target, Kmart or even Red Dot for next to nothing – but be sure you choose the RIGHT items there.

know your market

Source: “Know Your Market”, Western Suburbs Weekly, Residential – 27 February 2018.

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