Your experienced property management team powered by The Property Exchange

Choosing The Property Exchange to manage your property

We know how important it is to have an experienced Property Manager look after your home or investment property. An experienced Property Manager can help save owners a significant amount of time and money and make owning a rental property more rewarding.

What sets us apart

Excellent systems and procedures are imperative to run a successful property management department. We create an environment where our property managers can flourish with support and guidance from everyone in The Property Exchange team.

Manageable sized portfolios

Quality properties

Great tenant selection

End to end property management

Promoting work / life balance

Our team

Is Passionate about the industry and see property management as a career.

Relationships, they understand building relationships and constant communication is the key to successful investment management.

Goes over and above, our property managers are willing to go over and above, dig in and be a true team player.

Are empathetic, our property manager have strong negotiation skills with the right balance of empathy to all parties.

You could not be in better hands than with this passionate dedicated and loyal team of professionals, to take care of your most valuable asset.

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