The Young Persons Gospel For Rental Living

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Okay we’ve all been there, lived in the share house, taken in flatmates, tried to rent on our own, so here are the things you should know and take notice of if you want a happy rental life both now and in the future.

  1. The home is not yours. You are privileged to be able to live there.
  2. Always pay your rent on time – getting into arrears will cause you huge headaches down the line when you try and rent another property.
  3. Don’t make excuses – ever –about anything.
  4. Don’t lose your key.
  5. Pretend that the home is yours when you are taking care of it – go beyond what is expected.
  6. Learn to love your garden (if you have one) and spend time caring for it.
  7. Make sure the home is secure when you are not there.
  8. Rental inspections are important, but it’s more important to have your home looking fantastic for them.
  9. Whoever’s name is on the lease is responsible for damage, rental arrears or any other problem that may arise.
  10. Be good to your housemates, helpful and considerate.
  11. Don’t play loud music when you know they are trying to sleep.
  12. Take it in turns to cook the meals and try to outdo each other in effort and presentation – make it fun!
  13. Don’t share all your extraneous items like shoes, skateboards, backpack etc. around the house – keep things in your room and respect the common spaces.
  14. Understand if your flatmate is a clean freak and make life pleasant for them.
  15. Don’t leave dirty dishes and mouldy coffee cups lying around or your next flatmates will be rats, cockroaches and ants!


Sharing a house when you are young will probably be the most memorable time of your life so make it a happy one!

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Source: The Young Persons Gospel For Rental Living, Western Suburbs Weekly, Residential – 13 June 2017. 

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