Winter-fy Your Property!

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We are almost half way through 2021 and the mornings & evenings have got that chill about them! Now is the perfect time to “winter-fy” your property! Our very knowledgeable property management team in Subiaco have put our heads together and thrown together the following tips:

Gutter Cleaning
Now is the perfect time to get your gutters cleaned to maximise drainage when those heavy rains begin.

Chimney Sweep
If you have a fire place that your tenants use, the chimney should be swept and cleaned out before they start using it.

Air Conditioning
If it has been 12 months since the air conditioner was serviced then it is a good time to do so before it’s switched from COOLING to HEATING. Any evaporative systems will need to be shut down for winter.

Tree Pruning
Any of those low hanging trees or trees close to the house or power lines should be pruned back to help limit gutters over flowing and any branches causing damages.

Contact your property manager today if any of these tips have sparked interest & you would like them arranged at your property!

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Introducing… Ali Ringuet! With over 10 years of real estate experience and a keen eye for property investment, Ali is the perfect person to join us as our Business Development Manager. We are extremely excited for Ali to be a part of our family and when asked how she feels about the move to TPE she said “Joining The Property Exchange was an easy decision. Given their fantastic reputation and being a well-established company, I knew I wanted to be a part of the family when the opportunity presented itself. I’m so glad to be working alongside some of the best in the business that pride themselves on high level of service.”

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