When’s The Best Time To Start Marketing Your Property For Rent

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We are often asked by landlords to start advertising and marketing the property several months prior to the property becoming available to assist in securing a tenant quickly. When and how the property is marketed is an important factor in reducing a vacancy period.

With the majority of tenants now sourcing their next rental home online via the Internet, this has become the mainstream of rental advertising to attract tenants. When a property is first listed on one of the major rental websites there is one chance and one chance only to get it right to reach a ‘maximum’ tenant seeking audience. Tenants who are searching for a rental property often complete an automated property alert. When a property is listed for the first time that matches their search, the details are emailed direct to their inbox. On most of the property sites, this often only happens once.

The transition period for tenancy changeovers (when tenants seriously start looking) from one property to another is generally 2-3 weeks. Tenants do start looking earlier… but in choosing their next rental property they understand the process of having to give notice while minimising the possibility of paying double rent.

If a property was placed on the Internet a month or two months prior it would miss the window of tenants seeking a rental property at the time it was available for rent.

It is vitally important for the maximum number of photos and a well-worded description of the property to be updated prior to listing the property on the Internet to capture this tenant alert market. ‘Photos coming soon’ does not sell a rental property.

You need to always be updated on the current market, embrace advertising technology and expose your investment property to as many tenants as possible to reduce any possible vacancy period.

In conclusion, the best time to start marketing your property for rent is approximately a few weeks before you need to rent it out, and preferably not have the tenant living in there so you can maximize the presentation of the home and get offers from the first home open!

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