What Should I Ask My Potential Property Manager?

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Don’t Choose Property Managers Because You Like Them

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Choosing someone to manage your property can be a daunting experience, as this should be one of your longest relationships in real estate. Our best advice first off the bat is don’t choose a person just because you like them. You need to choose the whole package – a company that provides the policies, procedures and systems to ensure the ongoing management of your property is a smooth process.

Here are a list of questions you should be asking …

  1. How many properties does each property manager care for at your company?
  2. How much experience does the property management team have?
  3. How do you retain staff so there isn’t a high turnover of property managers?
  4. What marketing strategies do you have in place to ensure my property attracts good tenants quickly?
  5. What is the screening process for a tenant for my property?
  6. What checklists, system and procedures do they have in place?
  7. Are they up to date with current legislation and implement compliance requirements?
  8. What is their rental arrears procedure?
  9. Do they have a tenant database – Use Inspect Real Estate, and are they in touch with relocation agents?
  10. Experienced in risk reduction procedures such as landlord insurance ?
  11. How do you receive regular communication from your Property Manager? Response turnaround/questions dealt with promptly ?
  12. How do they conduct their ingoing property condition reports and routine inspections?
  13. Lease renewals, does the Property Manager discussed ways to maximise your income over the next 1 to 3 years?
  14. Does the Property Manager provide investment property updates/newsletters, etc?

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