Professional Pest Management For Your Property

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Professional Pest Management For Your Property

The first thing to consider in pest management, is to ensure property occupants are keeping their homes and gardens clean and uncluttered.

Pests are generally looking for a food source or a place to live, keeping wall and bench surfaces free of residues will reduce activity, keeping the garden trim and free of heavy foliage will reduce harbourage’s, removing timber and cardboard from the ground will lessen the chance of termites.

No two properties are same, so recommendations vary depending on many local environmental factors and that of the property occupants.

  • TERMITES:- The number 1 recommendation is to ensure your properties are regularly inspected for termites, whist it won’t stop termites, an inspection is designed to find problems, reduce risk of potential damage and pick up areas conducive to termite activity.
  • RODENTS:- it’s important to act quickly if occupants are complaining on seeing or hearing rats or mice, rodents can cause all sorts of damage, whilst rodents are evident 12 months a year, they more commonly enter properties in cooler month, baiting is recommended and a rodent management program put in place for persistent issues.
  • ANTS:- Ants are evident 12 months a year, treatments vary depending on the species, Coastal brown ants (these bring up many piles of sand all over your pavers and garden) are relentless and required regular treatment 1-4 times a year possibly to maintain control and reduce damage to paver levels and roots of your plant life.
  • SPIDERS & COCKROACHES:- ideally treated externally after the rains, recommended effective management is treating in December and again if needed in March/April (weather and retic can determine longevity of treatments)
  • GERMAN COCKROACHES:- often referred to as baby cockroaches, this smaller species requires internal treatments, targeted with special non repellent gels or sprays, they are prolific breeders and requiring urgent attention.
  • FLEAS:- ensure your pet has a flea control regime to avoid bringing fleas in to the home, active flea control in an occupied home is complex, invasive and often expensive to bring under control.
  • BED BUGS:- if you suspect bedbugs, act quickly! Indicators are often skin bites and blood spotting on sheets and pillowcases.

General Information

Externally – Generally by regularly treating for crawling insects externally, it will create a longer period of control and reduced pest numbers overall over the years.

Internally – Generally act quickly to counter problems that arise, don’t wait, the quicker treatments are in place the lesser the problem. If you suspect termite activity, DO NOT disturb the area or spray it with anything, report it and call in a professional.

HOT BUDGETING TIP – Generally as a guide, owners should expect to spend up to 2 weeks rent on general pest management each year.

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