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The NBN lines have now been laid in most of the Western Suburbs and external boxes installed are ready for connection.

When it comes to responsibility of telephone/internet at a rental property there can be some confusion. PART C of the Residential Tenancy Agreement section 2.11 –


nbn installations


To clarify:

  • The owner is not responsible at all for providing any phone or internet lines at the property, it is on an as is basis
  • The tenant is required to make all enquiries into those services
  • The tenant is entitled to proceed with any installation of those items HOWEVER, approval MUST be gained from the owner first, provided no damage is made to the premises
  • All costs are the responsibility of the tenant
  • The owner is allowed to request that any additions be removed at the end of the tenancy and the tenant is required to make good any damage, however if it is agreed those items remain, they become the property of the owners


We have found that with most NBN installations, a further box is required to be installed internally of the property and tenants don’t have any idea on the location of this box until the installer is on site. All tenants have been reminded they need to gain approval before proceeding with the NBN installation, by requesting this in writing and waiting for a written response. The installers will do their best to put the box in the most suitable location, so not to impact on day to day living, will service the property best and not affect the integrity of the home. Should you have any preferences on location of the box, please let your property manager know.

Some owners and tenants have queried who is responsible for the original set up cost of NBN. As outlined above, all costs are the tenant’s responsibility, however some owners are offering to contribute to this cost, which is usually around $300, as the addition to their property will be very attractive to future tenants.

Having dealt with a number of NBN installations, including my own property, I’ve found it can be quite tedious and convoluted – so for a more in-depth chat on your situation, please feel free to contact me.

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