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Ok now that we have your attention…let’s talk tax depreciation!!….Before I lose you – Did you know that depreciation is the biggest non-cash property deduction available? This is because you don’t need to spend any additional money to claim it, unlike other deductions where money needs to be spent like interest and insurance.

On average, BMT finds almost $9,000 in first full financial year deductions. Your one-off schedule fee is 100% tax deductible and lasts the lifetime of the property. This is just one way we can help to bring you more MONEY back to your bank account after tax time. The experts at BMT also provide the best advice when it comes to spending money on repairs now, in order to maximise the tax benefits at the EOFY. They are offering our clients a reduced fee of $715 on residential tax depreciation schedules (normally $770). To claim your reduced fee and receive a free estimate, enter promo code XL11

It’s never too late to claim depreciation and a schedule allows you to claim back missed dollars by adjusting previous tax returns. Order before June 30 to claim your fee back this financial year. Enquire Now

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