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Real stories – What sort of people will rent my home? Why owners rent out their HOMES and why tenants rent HOMES?

Meeting with our new clients these are some of the frequently asked questions we come across. We’ve heard some very lovely and sometimes sad stories recently and wanted to share with you an insight to the ‘type’ of people that rent, and why owners rent out their investments.

As an owner they may need to move for work reasons, by upsizing or downsizing, or simply just wanting to invest for their future nest egg; all the standard scenarios. Sometimes it may have been the family home for fifty or so years and they can’t bring themselves to sell it just yet, however the property is also becoming a struggle to be maintained properly.

On the flip side you have the people who want to rent. At the moment we are finding many applicants who have sold their own home and are holding off on their next purchase whilst the stock levels are low, instead of just buying something for the sake of it. Or those that are new arrivals to the state or area and want to ‘try before they buy’.

Something else to keep in mind is that many renters are home owners themselves with investment properties, and choose to rent for tax benefits or have a preferred area to live as opposed to the location of their investment.

Everyone has their own unique story for the why and sometimes it’s not just the common scenarios. For example we have our lovely client Cees and his partner Petalynn who originally met at the local dog park. They have been together for ten years and recently decided to move in together keeping one home to live in and the other to rent out.

Then there is Steve and Jack who recently had a fire in their home caused by faulty wiring after trades installed a new air-conditioning unit and needed to rent somewhere until their dwelling was habitable again.

These are the people behind the homes and why we, as your agents, work with many different clients all with their unique needs. These are the aspects of our job that allow us to love what we do, because of the PEOPLE that we work with, OWNERS and the HOMES that we care for.

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