Essential Winter maintenance tips for your investment property

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Whilst we’re still experiencing lots of sunshine and good weather, now is the perfect time to ensure that your investment property is well maintained, before winter finally arrives.
Maintaining and repairing your investment property is vital in helping avoid potential damage occurring. Your property is one of your largest assets and part of our role as your Property Managers is to work with you ensuring that your investment property is protected.

Property maintenance is important all year round, however a bit of extra attention is required in preparation for the winter weather and rain. Often winter weather will highlight issues that is often not seen during summer. Here is a quick checklist. If you need any assistance, please reach out to your Property Manager who can assist with estimates and bookings.

Prune trees & clear debris
Winter brings strong winds and heavy rain, poising risk of damage from fallen branches or trees so we recommend inspecting your property for any overhanging branches that encroach the roof been cut back to prevent potential damage to tiles and filling gutters.

Cleaning gutters
Keeping property gutters clean is vital in helping to avoid potential damage occurring. The wet & windy weather offers a timely reminder to ensure your gutters are clear of leaves and debris to prevent gutters overflowing that can cause water damage to the interior and exterior of your property.

Split systems and evaporative air conditioning cleaning
Whether your property has a split system or evaporative air conditioning system it’s important to stay on top of cleaning and maintenance. We have partnered with WestOz Trades to bring you an exclusive offer on air-conditioning this winter.

Winter Hydro & mould removal clean on split systems. A thorough cleaning process removes any built up mould and dirt and enhances the system’s efficiency, ensuring your home stay’s cosy throughout the seasons.

If your property has an evaporative cooling system (particularly older systems that do not have a self-cleaning function), to shut it down over winter due to the water in the sump becoming stagnant and then start up prior to summer. Ensuring a clean and efficient system.

Check your insurance
It’s always a good idea to check your building insurance coverage for winter related incidents. Understand what is covered under your policy and consider additional coverage if necessary. Also check if your landlord insurance covers you if your property becomes unliveable due to storm damage.

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