3 Important Things For Landlords To Know This Summer

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With summer fast approaching it is extremely important that pools and spas comply with the current council requirements for safety. Depending on the Council pool fences and gates are routinely checked once a year. Before we take on a new property, we always ask for a current safety certificate to ensure that these requirements have been met.

1. Pool Maintenance

The majority of properties under our management that have pools also include monthly pool maintenance in the rent. We also arrange for the pool contractor to do a hand over with the new tenant to ensure that they understand how to add chemicals and keep the pool in good working under. The monthly maintenance is good chance to detect any issues with the equipment that may not normally be picked up by the tenant. Generally the landlord pays for the servicing and the tenant pays for the chemicals that need to be used.


2. Garden reticulation

Another area that needs to be kept in good working order during summer is garden reticulation. Before the weather heats up turn on the retic and make sure all the stations are working and replace any retic heads that need replacing. Rule of thumb is anything above ground is the tenants responsibility and anything below ground is the landlord’s responsibility. Retic stations need to be set on the required watering days if it is an automatic system. We also advise tenants to ensure that during the hot months to ensure they hand water the gardens in between their set watering days to avoid them drying out.

3. Air conditioning

Last but not least is air conditioning. One of the biggest complaints we receive from tenants in summer that their air conditioning is not working or is not working effectively. Ducted air conditioning systems need to have a winter shut down and a summer start up. Split system air conditioners need to have their filters cleaned regularly to keep the air that is being expelled from the unit healthy and also makes a difference in the way it operates and the overall running cost of the air conditioner. It is best to have this checked before the hot weather starts as our air conditioning contractors very quickly become inundated with requests for repairs and servicing!

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