Examples of urgent maintenance…

  • Clogged sink or drain

  • Blocked toilet (where a second is available for use within the property)

  • Blocked pipes, shower or sinks

What is NOT urgent?

  • Air conditioning not working

  • Stove or oven not working

  • Reticulation repairs (MUST hand water in the interim)

  • Faulty TV reception / antenna problems

  • Pest Control

  • Blind repairs

  • Non entry door locks

  • Fence repairs

  • Leaking taps


Please put request in writing to your Property Manager and follow up in office hours with a phone call 6380 2200. A suitable tradesperson will be engaged within 48 hours.

OUR OFFICE HOURS: Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm.


Remote Garage Door Won’t Open

  1. First check the batteries on your remote control and replace if necessary.

  2. If opening to leave the premises and the door won’t open you may be able to open the door manually with a pull cord. If all else fails telephone the door manufacturer/installer, their numbers are normally listed on the motor inside the garage. For further guidance only (other than the manufacturer) ring:

Contact Us - 08 9388 3988

...or just fill this in and we will be in touch shortly. Have a lovely day!

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