Whatever Happened to the “Yes” Mentality?

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I don’t know if it’s just me, but everywhere I look there are people struggling with decisions as to what to do. I see it in Real Estate, I see it in Councils, I see it with communities, with individuals, I see it everywhere! And I have to ask… what’s the matter with you all? Just make a decision and go with it! It’ll be fine… really!

Let’s take Councils for an example – you ask as a ratepayer whether something pretty simple can be done and do you get an answer? No way! They have to call in outside “consultants” to give an executive (and very expensive) opinion – then it has to go to the committee and then it has to wait till the next council meeting and it just goes on and on and on. If you ever hear I’ve joined a committee – please shoot me… actually, don’t worry, I’ll shoot myself.

Why can’t these individuals who are supposedly in power just say “yes”! That’s a great idea or Yes! We can do that! And bang! There it is done! How quickly could we “make Subiaco great again” then?!

Then I see it in Real Estate, where people love a house but just can’t make a decision so always just miss out. Why are people so afraid of making a decision? I don’t get it. Decisions are great. They’re freeing! This fear of commitment and not taking personal responsibility has got to stop. It ruins lives, and usually your own. If people said “yes” a lot more often to themselves and to others they would have far more fulfilled lives, far more exciting jobs, far more meaningful relationships and far more confidence in themselves.

You want that house? You go get it girl! Or boy, or person, whatever. Someone comes to you with a great idea – don’t pick it to bits and be negative – say “let’s do it” – hey, what’s the worst that can happen – really? Okay, maybe draw the line at death…

So… we all need to get a bit braver if we want better lives. I went busking in Subi last Sunday – that was brave – because I’m certainly not the best singer and guitarist around – but you know what? I thought – what’s the worst that can happen? And I really enjoyed it! Don’t know if anyone else did, but that would be their problem.

We all need to be a lot more self-expressed, decisive, gusty and a lot less timid if we want to achieve and attain what’s important to us – especially that happiness that we all profess to be striving for…because at the end of the day, all happiness is, is liking yourself, and that comes from a sense of achievement and belief in yourself.

So…go forth and make some decisions!

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Source: “Whatever Happened to the “Yes” Mentality?”, Western Suburbs Weekly, Residential – 31 January 2018.

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  • Chris Barker

    Hi Nicki
    Superb article and it seems amaining that we cannot get anyone to make sensible useful decisions
    – We have to wait three months for a major Gov entity to get a simple approval to do a simple one day job . . . . Look further to your interesting articles and any suggestions . . .

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