The Advantages Of “Keeping It Human”

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In this world of email, podcasts, blogs, video conferencing, Facebook, TikTok, and the likes as our main forms of communication…have we forgotten who we are? Have we lost sight of what’s real? Are we losing our “humanness”? You notice that young people can hardly write anymore – granted they’re lightning typists, but can you remember when writing was an art that reflected our personalities, our style, our flair, our individuality? Are we losing these things too? Are we all becoming clones in this robotic digital world? Will we soon lose our voice? The ability to express ourselves, to connect with each other? To form an idea? To offer advice and guidance on a personal level?

Take Real Estate, for example, so many digital ways to buy a property. Photos, videos, Facetime, virtual tours – all of which are brilliant tools, but it’s not exactly the same as “seeing it in the flesh” is it? It blocks out a lot of senses like touch, smell, and general feel and atmosphere, so we should hold on to that experience and not come to rely solely on the convenience factors because it could work against you.

Many offers on properties are now being done through Docusign – it’s quick, easy, and efficient but a lot of buyers may miss out on a property because they haven’t had the personal advice and guidance from the agent, that gives them the upper hand and a better chance of success. A person’s “best offer” can often change after a discussion with their agent as to what the level of interest is in the property, the number of offers they are competing with, and the importance of putting your very best foot forward in this present, very competitive environment.

The purpose of this article is to encourage you not to give away the human element completely. To take advantage of the digital tools available, but wherever possible top it up with the real thing. Go out of your way to have real conversations and connect with people more – you’ll be amazed at the benefits. Don’t hide behind text messages and emails all the time – pick up the phone and turn it into a real conversation – you will get so much more out of it. Don’t spend more time with the people you are NOT with than the people you ARE with. Connect on a deeper more authentic level with your fellow humans, because at the end of the day, this is precisely where the greatest pleasure will always lie – unless you hate people of course – then get a dog.

This is of course true for every business and in every personal situation. If we all just made a little more effort to communicate authentically on a one-to-one basis, I believe we would all be far happier and far more successful. Facebook friends are not REAL friends and Instagram posts rarely tell the truth – so call a friend today, or a client and have a REAL conversation – You’ll be amazed what comes out of it…

Happy Chatting.

Source: “The Advantages Of Keeping It Human”, The Post – 29 January 2022.

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