Learn To ‘Go With The Flow’

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People spend so much time trying to work out what to do, how to do it, and when to do it that they rarely get around to “doing it”. For some strange reason, humans generally don’t have the confidence to follow their own instinct, but feel okay about following other people, the very people who haven’t got the confidence to follow their own instinct! A bit crazy, isn’t it?

It’s a strange phenomenon but so many things are based on this and is the reason why we do what everybody else is doing. This is why we follow fashion, go with the trends and colours and finishes, why we believe what’s on the news, and generally do what we are told by people we consider to be “the authority”. We are so preoccupied with “fitting in” and not “standing out” – such a shame.

We have in fact completely forgotten how to think for ourselves which has made us extremely vulnerable and afraid of making decisions, so we just follow each other around and copy what they are doing. So… instead of following like sheep we should be jumping the fence and dashing out into the next paddock!

People have said to me recently that they are not going to buy a house until after the election. I ask ”Why not?”. What on earth difference is it going to make? What weird thing about the election is going to change your mind about buying a house? Or… the other one… “I hear” that interest rates are going up so not sure if I should buy?”

Really? Why not? Indeed, it’s likely that they will go up, and it happens…nothing new here, but remember when we all had houses when the interest rates were 18%?

Well fair enough, maybe some of you don’t – but we managed, we adapted, we figured things out and all was ok. The moral of the story this week, is don’t be conned into the hype and sensationalism that we are constantly being fed because it will make you fearful of the future and stop you from doing all the things you really want to do.

So, go buy the house, or splash out and do that renovation, and if you’re borrowing money to do it, factor in that interest rates will probably go up and do it anyway, but always have a contingency plan up your sleeve, and don’t go in over your head…it’s just common sense, NOT a reason not to do it! I’m not asking you to be reckless, just take back control and don’t ask Aunty Myrtle or Uncle Fred what they think you should do, because they’re not you, and they don’t have the same dreams, aspirations, and desires that you do.

As a society, we really need to “man up” (excuse the sexism) and take a grip of our own destiny. We are overthinking everything and running around chasing our tails. Life is really very simple. You want to do something, you plan how to do it, and then bingo! It gets done!

However, what a lot of us do is, we want to do something, think through all the things that might go wrong, and all the reasons not to do it, scare the hell out of ourselves and so do nothing, and then get depressed because we didn’t achieve a thing and got nowhere. So, take back your power, forge ahead and create the life you dreamed of, and the more you can gain independence and not rely on your landlord, your employer, your bank, or your partner, the better. This will give you the integrity, confidence, and assuredness, all of which are very appealing and attractive traits.

So, jump into that void, take the trip, buy that house, take up that hobby, join that club and commit to making your life even better. Always remember… the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it … and we are not here forever, so… get going!

Source: “Learn To ‘Go With The Flow’”, The Post – 22 April 2022

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