Government – Please Mind Your Own Business!

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Is it just me or has the Government completely got off track from what they are supposed to be doing?! Can’t believe how they can get so involved in things that are clearly none of their business – and the money they waste doing it!

They are now involving themselves in how Real Estate Agents market their property, and in Victoria they are even making “laws” around it – the Nanny State has clearly spread to the Eastern Seaboard!

So what are we dealing with here? Underpricing? Overpricing? Not pricing at all? Price ranges are too wide? Not wide enough?

Please… give us a break! We are not babies and you are not our mother. If this Government concentrated more on balancing the books, minimizing our debt by not spending money on frivolous unimportant things, and implementing well thought out plans for the future, we’d all be a lot better off.

So, going back to the property market… Every property is worth different amounts to different people depending on

1. How much they like it

2. How many things it’s got that they want

3. How much they need to spend on it

4. How badly they want it

It is not for us as Agents to decide this for them and it’s not up to you as a Government to tell us how to market a property.

People are not stupid so why treat them as such? They can make their own decisions as to what they are willing to pay for a property. It’s an open market… WILLING BUYER/ WILLING SELLER. Why are you, as a Government, trying to manipulate this? If “Little Johnny” comes along hoping that he can get a property for a certain price, and it turns out he can’t because someone else was prepared to pay more, or it’s too early in the marketing campaign to accept the bottom figure… SO WHAT? Tough!

That’s life. Either offer more… or go and find a less expensive property. Furthermore… to insinuate that Agents who market a property in a certain way are “unscrupulous” is just absurd. No one is being damaged in the marketing process and no animals are being harmed… okay? Get over it.

Agents have various approaches to marketing their properties – some more popular than others – but it is their prerogative to do it the way they choose to – that’s their job, so may I suggest that we stick to our job and you find a way to stick to yours, and that could involve a new Job Description for both State and Federal Government.

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Source: Government – Please Mind Your Own Business!, Western Suburbs Weekly, Residential – 16 May 2017. 

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