Do Your Trades Need a Vaccine?

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The mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for many jobs came into effect on 1st December. Currently, there is no requirement for maintenance workers at a residential or commercial property to be vaccinated by the WA State Government. They did, however, issue on the 29th November which only applies to building and construction sites, and does not apply to:

  1. Work carried out in relation to a dwelling in which a person is residing; or
  2. Any work that does not require a building permit or demolition permit.

Can the tenant demand that only fully vaccinated workers attend their premises?

No, as there is no directive from the WA Government or the Chief Health Officer. There is also nothing in existing legislation that gives tenants such a right.

However, if this is a demand the tenant wants to make, we will consider this as a request only and a decision on whether to comply will be one from the property manager. A tenant should not then refuse entry, if they do it will constitute a breach, and action can be taken to obtain an order of the court to grant access.

Can the property owner have the right to instruct that we only engage with fully vaccinated maintenance workers?

Most likely yes. Because the instruction is neither unlawful nor unreasonable, we expect that owners do have the right to issue such an instruction.

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