Orange Alleviates Fear And Stress!

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I know you’ll think I’m biased but I just love the colour orange!! The ideal colour therapy.

And on that subject, did you know that the colour orange is excellent for alleviating fear.

This fear can be at all levels whether it’s around emotions or just meeting a serious deadline on a major project that seems impossible.

In the olden days (the nineties) when I was running my own interior design business, I was thrown a big commercial project in the city, the submission to be completed within a very short time frame. There were hand drawings to do, schedules to write, colour renderings etc.

I was feeling sick to the core as the hours ticked by and I felt I just couldn’t make it. A friend of mine who was working as a colour therapist called whilst I was in the midst of my design chaos and with my “can’t talk, can’t talk, major deadline” she suggested surrounding myself with as many orange objects as possible and “breathe” in the colour…..was a bottle of red wine close enough, probably not so I just drank it instead, but there were oranges in the house, a t-shirt, a vase, a jewellery box and a scarf in varying shades of orange which were promptly draped around my drawing board and desk.

All I can say is that time seemed to stretch, when I felt I had been working for four hours it would only have been an hour and half and I completed the project on time if somewhat exhausted!

Where was that Property Exchange orange when I needed it….. Keep on breathing!
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