Where To From Here?

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Well hasn’t it been an interesting few months in the world? It really has brought out the best and worst in everyone and I believe its taught us a lot about ourselves and others. So, now that the ‘first wave’ is coming to an end, and assuming there is no ‘second wave’ – what should we be doing? What have we learnt? I have a few thoughts that I would like to share.

How lucky are we to be in Australia? Apart from a couple of fairly serious slip ups, the situation has been handled well. Our Federal Government has been very generous in keeping businesses afloat which should mean we can all bounce back after a good long rest and return to normal. As West Australian’s we have been well protected from outside contamination and have probably been affected less than anywhere in the world.

I hope it has taught us to be more self-sufficient as a country, to embrace manufacturing of our own goods and drop our dependency on other nations. This is where Trade Unions should take a step back and allow for free enterprise rather than throttling every industry and driving us to purchase overseas because of cost. We should all be buying local – seeking out Australian products and supporting our country in every way possible. I think Supermarkets should have an entire section for “Australian made” goods and a separate International section for overseas goods – and anyone caught there should be shot! Haha only kidding – that would make it a police state. Which is what is starting to emerge in other countries, and something we should be wary of in my book.

I hope this has taught us all to be generous to each other, to celebrate others’ achievements, to centre on building others up rather than pulling them down. To rid ourselves of petty jealousies, low self-esteem and finally understand that the greatest joy in life is seeing good things happen to other people and to have been a part of it. Too many of us relish in other people’s misery, we are attracted to bad news, we are fascinated by watching people behaving badly as it makes us feel good about ourselves. None of that is helpful and none of it brings happiness so we should stop it immediately and do the opposite.

It should have taught us that we all have a great deal in common – we can all be wiped out by one little virus, so we are all part of the human race and should run that race together. We should celebrate our differences and learn from each other. We should not be greedy, but should contribute to the world in a positive way. Our happiness comes from achievement because it gives us ‘self worth’ – we should take criticism out of our vocabulary, and respect others’ view points.

We should take nothing for granted and not make assumptions. Everything is a gift. We should also have learned to take responsibility for ourselves and others, and take ‘blame’ out of the equation. Everything that happens to you – good or bad – can be traced back to you. We should never forget that.

How this ‘Covid 19’ has affected you personally has had a lot to do with your choices and your actions. We’ve been well looked after by the choices and actions of others – so let’s be thankful for that and pass that support on wherever we can. And finally, I hope we have learned to be kind, to be calm and to go with life’s flow. We are not in control here, and never will be, so let’s give that up and just have a wonderful time celebrating each other and life itself. Thank you Covid 19 for teaching us these things.

Source: “Where To From Here?”, The Post – 13 June 2020.

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