What’s the Scene for Twenty Seventeen?

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Wish I had a Dollar (maybe an American Dollar…) for every time I have been asked “What’s the Property Market going to do next year?”.

Do I look like a clairvoyant? Don’t answer that! Okay, so I may look like one but I’m not one so let’s all just… relax.

Our lesson today is not so much about Real Estate as it is about life, and what I have learnt about life, through Real Estate.

Lesson 1: Not everybody is nice. Some people are cleverly disguised as nice, but trust me – they are not. They are very very “nice” when everything’s going their way, but when its not… watch out! Duck for cover! They’ll stab you in the back in an instant. I call them “Flippers”.

Lesson 2: People generally are very scared to be different. They spend huge amounts of energy on not standing out, in any way, shape or form. They’ll buy clothes to “fit in”, they’ll buy sensible cars, and a house that is not discernable from the one next door. They’ll go along with bad decisions so as to not make waves, and will not stand up for their opinions, assuming of course that they even have one.

Lesson 3: Even your “best friends” will often hate you succeeding at something or having a meaningful achievement. Don’t be upset by this – it’s not a reflection on you, it’s a reflection on them. Commonly known as the “Tall Poppy” syndrome it merely means that they totally lack confidence and if you get taller it just makes them feel smaller.

Lesson 4: People go through their lives in a prolonged state of fears. They fear they’ll lose their job, lose their relationship, lose money, lose their life, etc. Many people fear losing things they haven’t even got! When are people going to realize that Fear is not your Protector, Fear is your Enemy!! It stops you from, having a life, building your dreams, expressing yourself and achieving great things. To all these people I say “Stop it!” Give Fear the finger and just do it. The universe will guarantee you’ll succeed, if you truly back yourself.

Lesson 5: People hardly ever speak the truth. That’s not to say they necessarily lie (but a lot do) – its to say that people generally are not saying what they are really thinking. They are speaking through filters of judgment, embarrassment, confrontation, diplomacy and fears. There’s nothing so refreshing as hearing someone speak from the heart. Its an absolute delight.

Lesson 6: Hang out with people who have not learnt about lesson 1 – 5, and are totally the opposite. You’ll find they are happy, generous and successful and they will want you to be the same, and your life will improve overnight!

Okay, so that’s my Christmas message to you all. As for the Real Estate Market… who cares? It’s going to do what it’s going to do. Just make sure it doesn’t stop you from doing what you were going to do.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Fulfilled New Year!

What's the Real Estate Scene for Twenty Seventeen

Source: What’s the Scene for Twenty Seventeen, Western Suburbs Weekly, Residential – 20 December, 2016

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