What Makes A Great Real Estate Agent

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You probably don’t have any idea, and why would you? If I go and see, say, a physiotherapist, I really have no idea if he or she is good, or bad, if they care or not, whether they are up with all the latest methods or if they are “old school”. You just have to hope – unless someone tells you.

So, that’s what I’m going to do.

Let’s start off with what doesn’t make a good Real Estate Agent and get that out of the way.

  1. It’s not the one that will just offer you a low commission rate to get the business. That just shows they’re desperate and “need” your business. Agents who “need” business probably aren’t that great, so that’s their only point of difference and how they compete for business.
  2. It’s not the one who says they can get you a high sale figure. No one can tell you what you’ll get, and pricing your home too high will cost you greatly.
  3. It’s not (necessarily) the one who turns up in the corporate outfit or Savile Rowe suit and shiny shoes. Make sure there’s something underneath those flash clothes.
  4. It’s definitely not the one who says you don’t need to do anything to sell – the “buyers can see past that”. 99.9% buyers can’t see past anything – most people can’t.
  5. It’s not the one who’s anxious to sign you up there and then as this means they are scared to death of losing you. Desperate.
  6. It’s not the one that has been referred to you by some East Coast digital company who know nothing about the Agent they’re referring you to. Yes I’m talking about Local Agent Finder and the likes.

Okay, now these are the things you must look out for when choosing your agent:

  1. The knowledge and experience to give you the best advice to optimize the value of your home. This may mean spending a bit to make a lot more.
  2. The Agent that has the access to the most clients. This doesn’t necessarily mean a Real Estate Group because most of them work autonomously anyway. It’s the Agency with the best systems to keep in contact and sort buyers by their needs.
  3. The strength of character to take control of objections and negotiations.
  4. The authenticity to instill trust in both their buyers and sellers.
  5. The Agent who will take a proactive approach to find the right buyer for your home. This takes energy and lateral thinking, so make sure your agent has those qualities.
  6. The experience to know what, and what not to say.
  7. The track record of good sales, showing great results.
  8. The commitment and energy to follow up each and every buyer that comes through the home open.
  9. The knowledge of how to make a home “worth” more to a buyer, and the ability to create an “atmosphere” in the home, to make it more appealing.
  10. The ability to steer a buyer towards a purchase in a way that they feel comfortable. Many people need help and guidance to make decisions – especially a big one like this, so a great Agent will help them make the right decision for them and guide them through the whole process.

Hope that helps!


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Source: What Makes A Great Real Estate Agent, Western Suburbs Weekly, Residential – 29 November, 2016

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