We Have More Power Than We Think…

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Isn’t it strange that most of us think that we are totally at the mercy of other peoples decisions, rules, expectations, or demands? And have you noticed how much time we spend complaining about what we are ‘made’ to do, or ‘not allowed’ to do? (Did you notice I just started a sentence with the word “and”? You’re not “allowed” to do that, but I did it anyway and look… nothing happened… I got away with it!)

I believe we all have to take back control of our lives and not live in fear of what the Government is going to do, what your employer is going to do, how the roadworks outside your shop are going to affect you, or what will happen if it rains on your wedding day. So much stress could be avoided if we did not always fear the worst. We just need to have a “plan B” if it does happen.

I love it that people have stood up and confronted bad decisions in Subiaco and other places that have threatened their lifestyles. They have actively challenged the manipulation of others by speaking out and given themselves the power to make a change – and been successful. The thing that most people fail to see is that every challenge presents an opportunity… if people aren’t coming to your shop because they are digging up the road, use it as an opportunity to get into “online” selling, or have a “roadworks” party, or sale, or give a voucher to all the wives of the road-workers to come and get their nails done or buy some clothes. There are a million ways to get around perceived problems and turn them into benefits rather than just moan about them, and play the blame game.

Most of us seem to have this innate feeling that everyone is better, smarter, superior to us (yes… some of us have the opposite problem !)… but it’s just not true. Even Prime Ministers get nervous and lack confidence and self-esteem… most of them have just kept their head down and ended up with an important job by default. I recently contacted Parliament with a few marketing ideas, and when I mentioned it, people stared at me and said “You did what?” They couldn’t believe that I would contact such important people, but in fact I got a lovely letter back thanking me in appreciation of the input, and a promise to discuss some of the ideas, which they’ve thought were valid.

So all you “Shrinking Violets” out there – stand up to yourself! If someone asks you to do something you don’t want to do, just say no! You don’t need to explain why – “no” is a complete sentence. You don’t have to feel bad, as no one has the right to expect anything from you (this includes babysitting the grandchildren) – so take back your power – don’t be tossed around in the ocean of life, and use your self-expression, creativity, assertiveness and sheer “gut feel” to guide you – yours and yours alone.

Good luck!

Source: “We Have More Power Than We Think…”, The Post – 11 May 2019.

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