It’s Time to Nail Retail…

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Okay folks listen up! We are tired of hearing about it, so let’s act! Tired of hearing about greedy landlords, online shopping, the Council roadworks, the bad economy… Blah! Blah! Blah!

Stop it!

Let’s look at what’s happening in the world, and then maybe realise that the world is, in fact changing, and that these are not necessarily the problems for the retailer.

Maybe it’s the products they’re selling, maybe it’s their marketing, maybe it’s their location, maybe it’s their staff…or perhaps it’s just their attitude.

First it’s important to understand that we are finally wising up to the fact that we have manufactured and bought things for centuries and then just thrown them away, which has caused a multitude of worldly problems. We have created cheap, multiple items of clothing, rack after rack of the same thing, nothing new, nothing innovative, and mostly made in China, and we’ve all ended up looking the same, like a herd of sheep. We need to get more innovative, we need to get more interesting and we need to get more individual. We need to take materials that already exist and create new imaginative products with them, whether it be clothing, homewares, furniture or jewellery. We need to redefine some of these things and think a lot more laterally.For years I wore a bracelet made out of seaweed, and constantly got compliments on it.

Retailers need to become more creative and expressive, and consumers need to demand more interesting products, and strive to be more individual in themselves. There are enormous opportunities in retail if you just create, recycle, produce, shop-share and collaborate. So many shops these days are boring – same old chains, same old products and then the owners wonder why nobody comes. There’s nothing worse than walking into a shop and seeing a bored young person glued to their “iPhone” just wishing the day to pass. Day after day? That’s sad, especially when that person could be creating something in that shop either by sourcing products, brainstorming, painting or decorating or perhaps opening their own shop with a small team of like minded people.

So everyone has to pull their weight – Australians should really make a point of shopping in the flesh and supporting Australian retailers, minimising their “online” shopping which just sends money out of the country and does nothing for Australia. Retailers, you need to get your act together, make shopping a pleasure in your shop, support and promote other retailers, produce interesting items, play music, create an atmosphere, and generally pamper your customers.

There’s nothing more satisfying in life than giving pleasure to others and if you can do this in your shop, café, restaurant, business, people will come flocking from every direction, while the sad “same olds” will be sitting alone talking to their “imaginary” friends, on social media.

So come on guys, let’s go out and find some interesting venues and then support the hell out of them!

Source: “It’s Time to Nail Retail…”, The Post – 14 September 2019.

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