The Importance of Trust

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This week I decided to challenge myself with the question of “What is the most important aspect between human beings that would lead to a peaceful, productive, happy world?” Well, there were a few contenders but, in the end, it all came back to TRUST. Whether in a global sense, or a very personal sense, the only really happy relationships are those that are based absolutely on trust. Take friendships for example – we have all had friends, I’m sure, that you trust absolutely, knowing they want everything of the best for you, and then there are others that you know deep down want you to fall flat on your face. There are those that ARE nice and others that just DO nice, and it is really important to know one from the other if you don’t want to be hit with disappointments, hurt and anger.

Then there’s business…would you be comfortable being in business with someone you didn’t trust? I doubt it, and as we all know “the first ship to sink is the partnership”, and generally this is always at the result of a breakdown in trust. So… you need to beware of who you are dealing with – especially if it is a big transaction like Real Estate where you are selling possibly your most valuable asset.

We all love to be told what we want to hear, but you really need to ask yourself… is this really the truth? Is this really the best advice? The wrong advice can cost you a bucketload of money so, as much as you are loving what you are being told, you need to be wise and astute enough to question the motives of the ones offering up the advice, whether it be Real Estate, relationships, government, or global issues. To me there appears to have been a great naivety among us, whereby we tend to believe everything we are told, whether it be on the ABC news, or by governments or just by other individuals, so we need to start questioning these things before we get herded into our sheep pens and find there’s no way out.

Imagine if one country leader went to another country leader and asked “What would you like to achieve for your country, and how could we help with that?” And further imagine that a conversation could evolve between them with 100% transparency and 100% trust and how fruitful their conversation could be for everyone. Does this really have to be that hard? Why don’t some people trust each other anymore, and others trust blindly without question? Well, unfortunately in this driven and competitive world people have motives, and they are not always honourable, so you need to be a little more vigilant when taking advice on important transactions. Of course, at the end of the day trusting yourself and going with the good old “gut feeling” is the ultimate, but a lot of us don’t have the confidence, self-esteem or courage to believe in the one person who will never let you down – you.

So, it’s time for us all to get a little bit smarter about the motives of those around us, on every level, to not blindly accept things that we are told, just because it’s convenient to do so. It is also time to inspect your own level of trustworthiness and authenticity, as you may discover you are a main offender, and to find the courage to change your own motives away from self-interest and into the interest of others, as there is no greater truth in this world than “whatever you give out comes back to you tenfold”. So, take care of the messages you are giving other people, and become that person that has the very best intentions for all, the highest level of integrity and is 100% trustworthy. It is only then that you will see what having a great life is all about.

Source: “The Importance of Trust”, The Post – 27 March 2021.

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