The Importance of Confidence

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So why does everything come to a grinding halt just before an election? It’s the “unknown” the “what if” factor that stops everyone in their tracks and places them into the “let’s not do anything” category until it’s over. Well it’s over. Love it or hate it, the Liberals are back in and everyone will have their own opinion on that.

So let’s look at that and how it affects not only Real Estate but everything.

What runs Government? Money.
Where does the money come from? Taxes.
What creates taxes? Jobs.
Who provides the jobs? Employers.

So who should any Government be nurturing above all else? Employers – Producers – Creators– Entrepreneurs – because they all employ people, and these jobs sustain them, and create taxes that sustain the country. Without money from taxes there is no health care, no child support, no pensions, no roadworks, no education, no housing, no agriculture, no progress just a stand still. So why should a Government, any Government want to suppress employers when they are the very people who are going to feed money into the system via their employees, their profits, their progression, and their produce.

Why would any Government tax employers for employing people? (Payroll tax is an absolute rort, and should be abolished immediately).When people create businesses, and employ people they are not only contributing greatly to their country but are building an upward spiral of wealth for that country. With that wealth the Government can then provide things back to the people to enrich their lives and everybody wins. I believe that with the present Government there is a general feeling of confidence, stability and growth and even in the past 2 weeks this has been borne out by a large rise in buyer enquiry, buyer activity and you can virtually smell the positivity in the air.

Certainly a Government has to prioritise where the money is going to be spent and everyone has their own view on that, but a smart Government will act like a smart investor and place it where it is going to grow, not dissipate, and provide a safety net so that everyone can be looked after, according to their specific needs. So let’s go forth with confidence and positivity and support this Government who I believe has Australia’s best interest at heart and work with them – not against them. Remember – nobody can please everyone.

Source: “The Importance of Confidence”, The Post – 10 June 2019.
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