Is Technology Making Us Lazy?

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Does all the new technology of today’s world actually get you a better price for your home? Hmm… interesting. So with all our new “buzz words” like Digital Photography, Snapchat, blogs, Instagram, Facebook Marketplace, CRM systems and so on…what are we achieving, and is it better or worse than the old ways?

Well these days your clients can just jump on a website, check out all the properties, judge them from the screen (probably by the furniture) and either choose to visit or discount them at a press of a button without even speaking to the agent.

These days Agents can launch their sellers homes on a dozen websites, and then just sit back and hope that their phone rings, that the email dings or that people will just rock up to the Home Open. So… is technology making us lazy? Are we just depending on it? Have we forgotten how to make an old fashioned phone call and let people know personally about a home they may be interested in? Have we lost even more old values? Are we becoming even more robotic now, and is this where we really want to go?

In my experience (over 30 years now) just as much property got sold with the classic 2 line ad in the newspapers which said something like “character home close to shops and transport”. You had a book of keen buyers and you’d look at all the other agents properties (I still do this, but not many others bother), you’d nurture your future sellers and keep in constant contact with your buyers. There was trust, there was loyalty and it was all very personal. I kind of miss that.

But of course, progression is inevitable, and we can look upon all this technology as valuable assets in the marketing of our properties… but guys… let’s not lose the personal touch, let’s not stop solving problems for people, let’s not forget to give guidance and good advice, based on solid evidence, and let’s not stop being humans.

I witness us replacing our own humanity on a daily basis and I find it sad. We all know that your Facebook or Instagram life is not real, you just want people to think it is! So, let’s keep Real Estate real and get back in touch, with our humanity, and build trusting relationships, be a guide, a trusted advisor and make a positive difference to peoples lives and stop being lazy.

It will definitely make a difference to your result, but it is not all about the money. It’s about the entire experience, and we, as humans are the only ones that can make a difference to that.


Source: “Is Technology Making Us Lazy?”, The Post – 9 March 2019.

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