Does Subi Want Ruby?

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So Ruby the Tram has been running around Subi, Shenton Park and Kings Park now for over a year and in that time has taken over 17,000 passengers for a free ride to see the sights and experience some good old fashioned transport from back in the 1950s when trams were a common sight.

But can Ruby keep going?

All the drivers are volunteers and give up half a day a week to give the passengers this treat. The hostesses, cleaners and organisers are also volunteers and the only funds coming in are from advertisers who wish to advertise their product or service on Ruby.


1. Ruby needs a small committee of people (at least 3) to oversee her running, keep her account in good order, attract sponsors, interview volunteers, draw up rosters and to run her as a “not for profit organisation”.

2. Ruby needs more volunteer drivers so that when someone gets sick or is on holiday we have some “reserves” so Ruby doesn’t go “missing in action” on some days. (Drivers need a HR license)

3. Ruby needs more advertisers… and what an amazing place to advertise, on the outside of a beautiful tram that everyone looks at doing the rounds of Subi and Kings Park 8 times a day! The advertising isn’t expensive and could bring you heaps more business!

4. Ruby needs sponsors so that ultimately through donations we can save up enough to make Ruby Electric – this will make Ruby cheaper to run and offer a better, quieter and safer service for everyone.

Ruby has a website (thanks to Dave from Killer Websites), a Facebook page (thank you Carla) and there you can find the running times, the route and the great reviews we have been given, as well as other information. Just google “Subiaco Tram”.

So….if you’d like to see Ruby stay on the road and would like to be part of Ruby The Tram Family, please call me, and let me know what you could do to help. WE REALLY DO NEED YOU!

Source: “Does Subi Want Ruby?”, The Post – 9 November 2019.

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