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Sprinkler Ban Lifted

From 1 September, water restrictions will no longer apply, so please test your sprinklers and reset your reticulation to ensure during the upcoming warmer months your gardens remain healthy. Check out Water Corporation for your rostered sprinkler days and some water wise tips.


What To Do When There’s A Break In?

We have recently had a spate of tenants reporting break ins. Never a nice thing to go through. We would just like to remind you to be vigilant when leaving your home ensuring all your doors and windows are locked and curtains and blinds are closed so people can’t easily see in. Here are some more tips from the Australian Police. If your property is broken into, remember to report to the police and get a police report number. This is necessary for claiming on your content’s insurance and the owner’s building insurance. Remember the owner’s insurance does not cover your belongings. If you think content’s insurance is a good idea EBM have an affordable cover for $25,000 worth of contents.


Tips To Prevent Mould

We recently had a tenant not report a water problem at their property, this is the result.

prevent mould

We remind you that mould is a serious health issue and needs to be treated and taken care of as soon as it is formed. We also refer to your lease agreement and your obligation to report maintenance, adequately ventilate the property and keep the premises reasonably clean and regularly clean the property.

Here are some tips to help prevent mould:

  1. Keep bathroom walls, showers, shower curtains, baths and basins as dry as possible.
  2. Leave the bedroom doors open to allow air to circulate through the room.
  3. Clean your bathroom and property regularly. Wipe away moisture on windows, window seals and walls to keep them dry.
  4. Allow sunlight into the property as much as possible when you are home.
  5. Ensure the property does not have any water leaks that are visible. If there are any leaks advise your agent as soon as possible.
  6. When using a heater try to ensure a window is slightly open.
  7. When cooking in the kitchen again open a window or use the rangehood so the steam doesn’t build up and create moisture.
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