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How can you increase the value of your home and attract more compliments without costing an arm and a leg? Buckle up! I have some tips for you!!

Now the inside of your home is all about the surfaces. If the surfaces are great, you are already ahead of the game. This is where paint can come in SUPER handy – personally I believe you can’t go past white as it’s fresh, it’s clean and it’s bright! It also doesn’t tie you to any “theme” or colour when you are decorating, and I have NEVER heard anyone say that they didn’t like a white wall. So, painting your house white throughout is a winner.

That’s the walls sorted, now the floors. Lots of choices – I’d go for light textured carpets in the bedrooms (there are some fantastic natural shades around) and timber or stone floors in the living areas. Keep it natural – keep it neutral and it won’t date – remember the pink and black bathroom tiles of the 1960s? And the oranges of the 1970s? The “mission brown” of the 1980s?

And the peaches of the 1990s? Don’t be… “that decade!”.

So what now? Oh! Benchtops! Let’s bring some stone or granite in there too – not in the budget? Try a laminate look – while not perfect there are some great ones that look close to stone. If the kitchen cupboards are old and woody – paint them white. Yep! Kitchen cupboards too and change the knobs. You need to have good looking knobs and handles, stainless steel and modern, nothing old fashioned.

So now we’ve got a nice, bright backdrop, the fun really starts!

This is where you can really “self-express”. Find some funky art… Red Dot has some great stuff and Kmart is a dream for ottomans, rugs and homewares. Personally, I’m a market person so you’ll find me at Melville Markets on a Sunday morning, fabulous stuff and cheap as chips! Now if you have dull furniture…put it out for the verge collection ASAP! Check out Facebook Marketplace, or Gumtree and see what you can find for next to nothing, there’s some AMAZING stuff! Every piece must be good looking – no laminate rubbish – it’s got to be something you can look at and admire.

As for placement – this is pretty important. Don’t put the sofa in the middle of the room and cut it in half if you can avoid it – put it against the wall and make the room look bigger. No furniture half across windows, or televisions looking awkward. Make your home flow, without “obstacles” in the way you have to walk around – it’s bad for the “psyche!”.

When a room looks right and everything looks like it’s in the right place and not just “shoved over there” it brings a sense of calm, which is what your home should bring, and if you have done everything mentioned here, you have probably added around 10% to the value of your property.

Source: “Making The Most Of Your Home”, The Post – 12 October 2019.

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