Learning to “Trust Your Gut”

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First of all, what does “trusting your gut” actually mean, and secondly why should we do it? Your “gut instinct” is your basic intuition, a state of immediate understanding or reaction to something without any cues, influence or reasoning. There’s no need to “think it over” or get another opinion – you just know. Trusting your intuition is actually the ultimate act of trusting yourself. It’s the most reliable source of knowledge and guidance that you can ever have, which is why it is so important to follow it and not be seduced away from it by other people’s opinions or over-analysis.

When you realise that just about everything outside you has some sort of agenda, either conscious or unconscious, then you will start to look more into your inner self for guidance, and this is when you take the power back into your life. If you want to (and who doesn’t?) live a free and fulfilled life you need to back yourself 100% – it’s your infallible recipe for success and don’t let anyone take that away from you. When I started my own business, everyone thought I was mad. When I bought the tram everyone thought I was nuts. Please, please don’t let anyone tell you what to do, unless 1. They have got to heights that you are yet to achieve and 2. You trust them implicitly in their motivation to want you to succeed, not to fail. In my Real Estate career I have seen hundreds of instances where – usually young couples – fall in love with a property and then bring along the parents or the “helpful friend” to promote their decision. It usually end in tears and they don’t proceed because these parties have advised them not to “rush in” or pointed out negative aspects, or told them its “too expensive” and they have missed out on their dream home, only to spend the next few months trawling around trying to find something as good, and ending up buying something they don’t like nearly as much.

I’m not saying don’t take advice about practical aspects like a structural repair etc but don’t let other people squash your dreams, or influence you. Always, always follow your intuition, because it’s pure, it’s unbiased and it knows you better than anyone. This applies to all aspects of your life – your relationships, your friendships, your business dealings – the lot.

If you don’t completely trust yourself you will become a puppet for everyone else’s motives and this is not where self-expression, freedom and happiness live. Back yourself, back your own judgement and you will find all of the above and more – and in the process become 100% authentic.

Source: “Learning to ‘Trust Your Gut’”, The Post – 13 July 2019.

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