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Why do we all hang on to things that we haven’t used for years and will likely never use again? This is probably the most common of human failing found when trying to prepare a home for sale. People just have so much STUFF!

It’s everywhere. It’s “stuffed” into cupboards, cabinets, drawers, roof spaces, sheds, and often in plain sight on floors and tables. No wonder we’re all stressed to the hilt – you can’t find things, you can’t think straight, and you can’t see the wood for the trees, or papers, or cardboard boxes. Whatever.

Here’s a word of advice – CHUCK IT! DONATE IT! SELL IT! Do whatever it takes to remove it from your immediate vicinity, because whether you realize it or not it is suffocating you!

This is not just about when you are selling your home – it’s a given that you do it then, because nobody else wants your stuff, but I’m talking about life in general – about decluttering your life. When you actually do it – it is THE most amazing feeling.

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It’s like a huge adrenaline rush – except that you don’t have to risk your life to get it! It is seriously not good to hold on to this stuff. Trust me – our long dead parents, uncles, aunts don’t care. They certainly can’t use their old dining table, or roll top desk, or that tea cozy that’s been in the family for years and they have moved on to bigger and better things so are not going to be upset with you for moving them on either – they will be applauding you!

Once you actually do this you will physically feel lighter, mentally feel freer and psychologically feel calmer. It will be like a weight lifting off you and you will be able to look ahead with more clarity and positivity. Take one room at a time, go gradually, don’t get in a flap and fill your recycle bin on a weekly basis.


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There are people who will love some of your junk and pay you good money for it so that’s just another bonus to divesting yourself of clutter and winning back space for you.

Here’s a concept I love… – I call it “chuck out Tuesday” – although it could be Wednesday, Thursday, whatever so that say, the last Tuesday of every month you can put all your “stuff” out on the verge and people who want it can come and take it away, but anything that has not been claimed by 6pm that evening has to be taken back in again. I love this! Let’s look at the wider recycling scene and save money at the same time. Let’s all share what we have but don’t need and give to those who do! Let’s feel great about ourselves for doing it! Everybody wins.

So, let’s start tonight – choose your first room and GO TO IT! Good luck!

learning to let go

Source: Learning to Let Go, Western Suburbs Weekly, Residential – 14 February 2017

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