It’s Time To Wake Up

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As a passionate believer in ‘self expression‘, I have to voice my concerns over how we are being robbed of this little by little on a daily basis. When you become aware of it, it becomes very obvious, but because the changes are subtle, yet constant, they can go un-noticed until it’s too late.

I believe that true happiness is not a ‘thing’ but a ‘feeling’ that comes when you can openly express yourself through your thoughts, your speech, your actions, your choices, in fact anything that allows you to feel like the individual that you are. If however, all these avenues of self expression become restricted through new rules, laws, demands etc. your inner self becomes confused, perplexed and conflicted, and you start to feel frustrated, angry and resentful, thus robbing you of your happiness.

This is what appears to be happening today and why mental health is becoming such an issue. We are being bombarded with statistics, demands, restrictions and constant uncertainty…. all in the name of COVID-19, and nobody really knows what the hell is going on.

I’ve never actually been in the Army, but life as it stands at the moment, makes me feel like I might have just joined, with the way we are being ordered around. We are being told what we can and can’t say in case we offend someone, when in truth you can’t really offend anyone, they can just choose to be offended themselves and that’s what we seem to be promoting, in order to turn us all into a bunch of wimps, by whoever is dishing out these rules. And why are we swallowing this stuff…? Are you serious when we can’t call ‘breastfeeding’ breastfeeding anymore, we have to say ‘chest feeding’ so men don’t get offended? Does this really offend any men out there..? Are you now upset because you can’t produce milk…? Really? I doubt it.

Politics used to be a ‘calling’….now it’s a profession. It used to be about serving and representing the people, now it’s about controlling them to their own ends, and to a large extent we are falling for this regime like a bunch of sheep. We are being subtly silenced, constantly channeled and more frequently overtly ordered to act in prescribed ways. We may be gratuitously asked for our opinion or give comments on a project but they will generally go unheard, even though they may have a major impact on us.

Do we really want to be bossed around like this? Do we really want to be totally ignored and misrepresented? Do we want to lose our freedom of speech, of movement, of choice? Are we happy to be forced to resign because our views don’t fit the prescribed format?

Right now I believe we are being disempowered little by little, being isolated from one another, being coerced into taking orders from a ‘higher authority’, and if we don’t become aware of it soon, and put our foot down, we may lose our freedom forever and with it our individuality and ultimately our happiness. If we don’t speak out, speak freely and stand tall, we could lose our voices forever, and our free will, and our confidence, our self-esteem and definitely our creativity.

We are not all the same… we were never put on this earth to be the same, so let’s acknowledge our differences, our different beliefs, our different cultures and history and celebrate them, learn from them, respect them and be able to laugh at ourselves and each other with humour and happiness and without recrimination.

I believe this will create a better world. Let’s be part of that world.

Source: “It’s Time To Wake Up”, The Post – 27 February 2021.

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