For The Good of Covid

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Ok, so we know all the bad things about this virus, but today, let’s centre all the good that has, and may still come, out of it. If I didn’t know better and I’m not sure I do, I would think that this virus was started by an astute group of dogs. I have never in my life seen so many dogs being walked – imagine 3 or 4 walks a day compared to the usual one, and then in between the walks, they get to enjoy their owners, being close by – all working from home – so it certainly couldn’t have worked better for the dogs – especially as they seem to be immune to the virus. Then I’ve seen loads of couples out walking, many holding hands – how nice is that? These are the things we should be doing more of but are too caught up in our business lives. I also bet that our houses have never been cleaner – we’ve all caught the ‘sanitary bug’ and seem to, be obsessed with scrubbing floors and disinfecting everything – a great thing for our future health – if we can just keep it up!

I think we have really learnt not to take our friendships and family for granted. Having been denied access to them it has really shone a light on us all how much we need each other, and this kind of appreciation can only lead to more thoughtful and caring behaviours towards each other in the future. 

I’m loving the amazingly creative ideas that people are coming up with during this time. People are no longer locked in a routine that totally suffocated innovative thinking, and this period has really allowed people to expand their minds, think laterally and discover talents that they never dreamed they had. Hopefully they will pursue these talents and dare to step outside the box, and create a whole new way of approaching obstacles that they may now come across, and create different perspectives on everything they do from now on.

Having a ‘global pandemic’ has also really highlighted the fact that we all do have so much in common and we are all vulnerable to the very same things. Whereas if I have to hear that “we’re all in this together” one more time, I am seriously going to scream, it certainly has served to break down the obstructive walls of separation and resentment that for some reason have grown between different countries, cultures and beliefs. In this way, facing a common enemy has to dampen that resentment and break down those barriers.

Of course the environment, also has benefited greatly as we have seen with the lack of pollution all over the world. I think it really does bring home a belief that I have always had, that nature is the commanding force of everything and everyone and she (she is clearly a woman!) is always going to win in the end, and if nothing else comes from this other than a huge respect for Mother Nature then the earth, as a whole has had a colossal win.

So, rather than stressing about finances, worrying about business and money, and if our shares are ever going to go up again, lets all just take a deep breath, look around us, and be grateful that we were ever given this experience of life in the first place, and if we can genuinely embrace this gratitude, we will find that everything will work out fine, simply because we had the faith that it would.

Warm wishes to you all.

Source: “For The Good of Covid”, The Post – 9 May 2020.

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