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Who does this state government think they are? How dare they, with a sweep of their pen, change people’s lives, impact their finances, make decisions without consultation, ignore opinions and ruin our heritage.

What is the real agenda here?  Normally I am not one for conspiracy theories, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what this insane drive to build units everywhere is all about, when there is no call for them, they create problems for people who have worked long and hard to enjoy some space, privacy and quiet and they destroy our beautiful turn-of-the-century homes – a great feature of the little bit of history we have.

Have you, the state government, any idea how much upset you have caused? OR how much fear, stress and sadness you have brought to people who have lived in these leafy suburbs for years?

Do you care? I think not.

Have you planned any infrastructure around these ill-prepared decisions? Looked at transport? Parking? So, what’s the motive? Money?  More coffers into the already bulging pockets of state and local government? Or is it perhaps jealously? The drive of the socialist thinking which is to make everyone the same. Can’t stand the thought of people living in lovely old homes with pretty gardens. Is that it? Or is it something more devious or corrupt?

Why not look at a softer and fairer approach? Maybe re-zone the whole suburb to R20 or R25 and let people choose what they want to do with their own property without having a huge impact on others.

But I have questions – perhaps someone out there can answer them.

  1. Who set the numbers that each council had to accommodate and what is that based on?
  2. Why are we building hundreds of units when we can’t sell the ones we have?
  3. Why did you choose the leafy western suburbs to launch
    your attack?
  4. Who is going to compensate homeowners for the devaluation of their property that this rezoning has caused?
  5. Why did you sell green title blocks of land in Montario Quarter whilst condemning historical homes on the opposite side of the road to death by
    high rise?
  6. Why did you not leave heritage places that also are places of public amenity, e.g. Captain Stirling Hotel, Windsor Cinema out of your blanket, thoughtless and destructive rezoning of Stirling Highway?

If all you developers are getting upset by this – don’t – it’s not about you, and I’m not blaming you – of course you are going to take advantage of the ridiculous opportunities afforded to you by this discriminatory, thoughtless government – but, be careful what you wish for, because unless you build the right things, in the right places you may end up… with egg on your face.

I know I have written a number of articles about rezoning and it might be getting boring but I am so astonished about the sheer nerve of this state government in their totally irrational and combative handling of an exceptionally sensitive and emotional issue.

So all of you who are fighting so hard to retain your lifestyles – keep it up, I’m right with you, and you planners who think you can solve the “urban sprawl” that you yourselves “planned”, by attacking our beautiful leafy, inner city suburbs, and destroying (in my opinion) the most beautiful suburbs in Perth, think again – or you and your government may be faced with a class action.

Source: “Care Factor … Zero”, The Post – 8 February 2020.

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