Annual Property Cycle in Perth

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Your real estate questions answered by Niki Peinke, Director of The Property Exchange in Subiaco 

Q: Is there any sort of annual cycle to the Perth property market? Are there expected peaks and troughs of activity?

A: In my opinion, the answer here is no. The activity is pretty consistent throughout the year and the annual peaks and troughs are minimal. There is sometimes a slight flurry of activity at the end of the year, with families relocating closer to new schools and so forth, and a slight flurry after Christmas for those who did not have the time to relocate before Christmas!

With the superannuation rules in place, there may be more selling activity to attain settlements before the end of the financial year but it all seems to even out. And yes… people do buy homes in winter. The peaks and troughs of the property market have much more to do with economic movements than with the time of the year.

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