Perception vs Reality

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It seems to me that there is a big difference between these two things, and yet, most people regard them as the same these days.

So, what is the difference? In my opinion reality is the state of things as they are, rather than as one might see them to be, so, in a nutshell, perception is what we are seeing, and reality is what is actually happening, and the thing that stands between the two, is interpretation, and it’s that interpretation that produces our different reactions to things that are presented to us.

I am discovering that interpretation can be quite varied and that perceptions can be quite superficial. Take Real Estate for example……We always spend a huge amount of time prepping our properties that are coming up for sale to make them look their best. We make them clean, bright, welcoming, present with lovely furniture, light the candles and play the music………Why do we do this?

The reason being that people will see more value in a house that looks like this than the very same house that looks dark, dirty and has bicycles, surfboards or toys in the living room, and mattresses on the floor in the bedrooms…Why? It’s the same house! Ok, I’ll tell you… Because people make judgements on all the wrong things for all the wrong reasons, almost all of the time. OUCH! Did that hurt? Well we do…we ALL do, so don’t feel bad….just start examining your perception!

If I said I was the No. 1 agent in WA, actually advertised this everywhere I could think of, and you constantly saw it….you’d believe it, and you would probably want to list with me, as would others, and that might turn me into the No. 1 agent by NUMBERS, but would it make me a better agent…? No…I would still be the same agent, I had just managed to persuade you that I was, through perception, and this is what happens to us all the time…we are succumbing to this power of suggestion constantly, and it’s costing us a lot.

We buy things we don’t need that don’t do what they say they’ll do. We buy nice cars to look successful, we wear high heels and makeup to look sexier, and wear nice clothes to look more important, and it’s all just a grand deception. We need to get back to reality and start to see what is actually there, not what we are being told or even shown is there, or what we are told is happening, but what is ACTUALLY, DEFINITELY, TRULY happening, and believe me, that information is getting very hard to find.

And while this is all going on, we are still under the grand illusion that we are still making decisions for ourselves…choosing things by our own free will, but we’re not….we are blinded by clever marketing, and being conned left, right and centre and totally mind controlled through our complete lack of judgement and by making assessments on what we are shown, and what we see superficially.
Is the house that’s well presented worth more than the one that’s not? Of course not. Does driving a fancy car always mean you’re successful? Very often not. Is everything you hear on the news true? DEFINITELY not!

So, let’s bring a little bit of reality back into what is a very confused world right now. It’s time to start asking yourselves more sophisticated questions…like…. How do I know that’s ACTUALLY true? Check out all the illusions we are living under like…Does money really buy happiness…Or just comfort? Do politicians really care about our health…Or just our vote? Do we really still have free speech…Or are we being shut down? Is our perception clouding the reality, or has our perception BECOME our reality?

There is no greater truth in the world right now, that things are not what they appear to be….so let’s just, for starters, embrace that, and get a little more diligent in exploring who is actually running this show, that is… your life.

Source: “Perception vs Reality”, The Post – 24 July 2021.

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