Nothing Dead About Subiaco!

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All you ever hear in the press these days is bad news, yet there is way more good news than bad so, lets focus on that a while.

Nobody wants to see boarded up shops, grave images and despondent headlines intimating that Subiaco is a ghost town, do they? Well, all I can say is those ghosts are pretty damn lively! Subiaco is hot right now and is getting hotter by the minute so, please don’t buy into all the doom and gloom, because there is so much good news out there.

Let’s take Subiaco as an example – been here lately? If not, you’re missing out big time. The nightlife is fantastic, small bars are packed out most nights – check out Juanita’s, The Unicorn and the fabulous new Cherubino’s – very cool and Melbournesque, and hard to find unless you’re in “the know”. Then there’s the new Fenway pub in Barker Road, our gracious Subiaco Hotel, that has just been reborn and was absolutely packed last Friday night. The village bar and the cute little “Besk” bar opposite if you’re into the little English pub feel. Then there’s Refuge small bar near the station, Dilly Dally – the list just goes on.

Image source: City of Subiaco

As for restaurants well there’s everything from the upmarket Bistro Felix to the casual Italian Piccolo’s with its very popular BYO strategy and everything in between, including French, Thai, Middle Eastern etc. The Boardroom on Rokeby always has an interesting mix of clientele ranging from your local mafia to the silk stocking socialites in rebellious mode. Then if you are a bit younger and like a bit of grunge there’s “Old Values” – also in Rokeby Road. Well naturally the Regal has always been massive drawcard to Subi and luckily still reigns supreme in the heart of Subi, offering up great shows continually, and now, right behind that, is the brand new Vibe Hotel, and restaurant bar at the very top offering amazing views from the ocean to the hills.

There’s coffee…. Well everywhere, at least a different brew for every day of the month and of course you have to queue for the delights that Jean – Claude has to offer if you’re into amazing pastry. The Vic Hotel has now been bought and promises to offer yet another vibrant night escape possibly similar to hmm…. the Windsor maybe?

As for shopping, if you want fancy labels then you’re probably better off in Claremont, but if you prefer something funky, individual, creative you absolutely have to visit The Japanese Flea Market in Forrest Street – it will blow your mind! Being a “recycled” shopper myself I absolutely love The Secret Closet in Shenton Park, and for really retro it’s got to be Lucy in Disguise hidden down the alleyway.“Since I found you” has some great labels, as does Emporia on Rokeby. I’m looking forward to discovering the new brewery at the “Otherside” in Hay Street on Thursday night and who knows what other new hot spots will be revealed on that trip.

So…if you think that Subiaco is dead – you had better think again. It’s the new place to be, the new place to buy and the top place to live, and it’s getting better all the time. So don’t let a few boarded up shops put you off – they are probably just preparing for yet another great thing to come!

So, for latest and greatest in Subiaco check out “Streets of Subi” on Facebook or their website. Be ready for some fun!

Source: “Nothing Dead About Subiaco!”, The Post – 12 December 2020.

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  • Lia Overman

    Hi Niki, I am in the S West and will be home next week, am still looking for my son Mark, so am interested in anything You think might bee suitable, around subi Shenton Pk W Leederville Wembley Jolimont areas.
    We missed out on Brigid tce
    Marks budget is around 1 mill .
    He is a single dad with an 8-10 y old

    Would appreciate you keeping me up to date , he can make a cash offer!

    Kind regards
    Lia Overman

  • Lia overman

    Regards Lia

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