Staging Checklist: The Ultimate Guide For Every Seller

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Your Personal Staging Checklist:


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□ Mow the grass and trim the edges (including the nature strip if it’s a jungle).

 Clean the driveway. Remove fallen leaves.

 Weed flower beds.

 Trim bushes for easy access to entrance and for tidiness.

 Wash the house, de-cobweb etc. from the outside.

 Clean the windows outside as well as inside.

 Keep the garage in a neat and tidy condition.

 Keep the back door clutter-free.

 Clear any rubbish or junk lying in the yard.

 Consider setting up a table and chairs on a verandah or patio to suggest an outdoor leisure space.


staging checklistImage by The Property Exchange


 Clean taps and fittings to make them shine.

 Polish counters, cabinets and other furniture around your kitchen.

 Clean the floor. If it is high-gloss type flooring, make sure it shines!

 Cupboard doors must be cleaned thoroughly.

 Clean all the surface equipment in your kitchen.

 Clean the casing of the refrigerator and dishwasher and any other equipment.

 Make the stovetop shine.

 Store appliances (toaster, juicer, mixer etc) away in cupboards to enhance the impression of cleanliness and bench room. It will make your kitchen look bigger. You can keep the smart looking items – like the stainless steel coffee maker, knife block or modern Kleenmaid mixer – on show.


staging checklistImage by The Property Exchange

Bathroom and Toilet

 Clean and polish all taps and fittings.

 Clean and polish basin and bath.

 Clean and scrub shower recess.

 Clean toilet seat and inside toilet, and put the lid down.

 Hang up your best towels and hand towels etc.



 This is frequently one of our dingiest rooms – try to lighten and brighten it by decluttering and potentially even repainting.

 Polish the tub.

 Clean the surface of the washing machine.

 Put dirty clothes away.

 Put ironing board away.

 Find new homes for any randomly dumped items.


staging checklistImage by The Property Exchange


 Make beds before leaving your house each day.

□ Buy attractive modern bedlinen (white is safe) with some lovely cushions.

 Ensure windowsills are clean and curtains are washed.

 Keep your wardrobes and drawers tidy.

 Be open to prospective buyers wanting to inspect the entire bedroom.

Living Room

 Keep it tidy.

 Remove all clutter.

 Make sure curtains and drapes are washed and tidy.

 Potted plants can be used to fill dull corners.

□ Stick to plain rugs.

 Display stylish magazines or any “coffee table” books on the coffee table, as well as a few knickknacks.

□ Colourful modern art on white walls is always a winner. Remove any fusty old pictures.

staging checklistImage by The Property Exchange

Dining Room

 Keep your table well-polished.

 If your table is ugly or in disrepair – cover it with a good tablecloth.

 Place flowers or attractive candles on the table.

 Keep this area clutter-free.



 Sit potted plants wherever required. It adds glow and vibrancy to your house and also makes it look like a prosperous place to live in.

 Provide the house with good natural light. Let as must natural light into your home as possible (except perhaps when the Western sun is belting down on a stinking hot summer afternoon!).


Cosmetic Improvements

In addition to all of the above, consider:

 Repainting walls.

 Re-doing the furniture, or even putting some in storage if your home is currently stuffed to capacity.

Ask yourself – would you want to buy anything broken, dirty and in disrepair?  No one wants to purchase a problem unless they also want bargain basement prices!

A bonus just for you :

5 Second ‘Where do I Look for What to Repair Again?’ Checklist!

□ Floors and ceiling.

□ Bathroom and kitchen fittings.

□ Lighting and ventilation.

□ Doors and windows.

□ Paint – both on the inside and outside.

□ Drainage system around the house.

□ Condition of driveway and walkway.



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