It’s Nearly Summer, It’s Nearly Christmas, It’s Nearly 2019!

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“Where has this year gone”, I am hearing everyone shriek. I know we are all looking forward to some regular sunshine and not four seasons in one day, we are also looking forward to a relaxing break over Christmas.

So, before the heat hits and everyone starts their holidays, here are some tips to keep your tenants happy throughout summer and the Christmas, New Year period.


Air Conditioners

Don’t they always seem to break down in summer!? During summer routine maintenance could be up to a three week wait to get a tradesman to visit, and major repairs or replacement we have found to be 6 weeks plus. It pays to be proactive about your air conditioner and to ensure it is in good working order at the start of the summer period.



How is the pool equipment? Is it working correctly? Do you have an up-to-date pool compliance certificate?

In Western Australia State legislation requires safety barriers to be provided around private pools and spas for the protection of young children, who could potentially enter the area without the knowledge of the owner or occupier of a property.

At the start of a tenancy, the owner should make sure the water is clean and chemically balanced and the pool and equipment are serviceable.


Gardens and Reticulation

Let’s keep them alive! Is it time for the reticulation to get some attention, or are the gardens in need of an annual prune and tidy?



Creepy crawlies are inevitable. Spiders and ants can be kept at bay with an annual spray.

If you would like your property manager to arrange any summer maintenance at your property, please let us know. We can arrange this for you.

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