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As lucky as we are to live in Australia with our golden sandy beaches, tropical rain-forests, incredible deserts and snowy mountains, Australia has a wonderful environment for growing all sorts of creepy crawlies. While these animals are part of the ecosystem, they can be unsanitary and dangerous within the home. Therefore, here are our tips and tricks to keep them OUT of your home!


Some of us have them in our homes all year round and others seasonally. They are just a part of living in Australia – especially WA! The best way to combat them causing too much of a nuisance is by making sure you are cleaning up any food or drink spills as soon as possibly can, the only thing they want from us is food or your pet’s food! Also ensure you keep food tightly wrapped and closed in your pantry. Removing the source will help stop them taking up residence in your home. There are home remedies that can be found on the internet that you might try and just as many products at your local supermarket or hardware store if the preventative measures just aren’t cutting it.


Yes they make our skin crawl, but they are an integral part of the ecosystem. There is no way to really keep spiders out of your house, and the closer you are living to bush-land, the more common they will be. By keeping your screens and doors closed, regularly sweeping for cobwebs and keeping shoes inside will help our 8 legged friend not taking up residence in your home or surprise you when you put a shoe on. Also if that is not enough spraying surface spray once or twice a year around the perimeter of your house will also help keep them at bay. Goods news – in WA, the red-back spider is the only local spider known to be lethal, but not so good news – they seem to love living near people! Ensure that if you are ever bitten by a spider that you seek medical attention immediately.


Cockroaches *cringe* are attracted to food that has been left out on the counter, dirty dishes in the sink, and crumbs laying on the floor. They are also attracted to moisture, such as from a leaky pipe underneath a bathroom sink or a wet bathmat on the floor. Unlike other insects, cockroaches are a problem year round. Another very important fact to remember is that even if you have the cleanest of homes they still like to visit. In the first instance you should always try a cockroach bomb or bait, failing that pest control may be required. If your neighbour have a cockroach problem or another apartment in your complex, then you guessed it – you are going to have them too! If this is the case then a mass approach is needed. If there are 30 properties in a complex, all 30 need to treat the issue, otherwise your favourite little mates will be back before you know it!



It can often be hard to specify responsibility when it comes to pest control. Generally speaking, when you move into a property it should be free from infestations, which are considered to be rats, mice, cockroaches, fleas, termites, wasps and white ants. If you notice any evidence you should contact your Property Manager immediately so they can ascertain what the issue is and if pest control is required – in this instance the owner would be responsible. As a tenant you are then responsible for the eradication of vermin if the infestation has occurred after you’ve moved in and if the infestation can be shown to be caused by your activities or lack of cleanliness. In the instance that the infestation has been caused by external issues such as a neighbour’s uncleanliness it needs to be referred to a strata manager or local council, therefore contact your owner/agent.

However, if ever in doubt, please contact our AMAZING team at The Property Exchange, we would be more than happy to help!

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